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Design Services

Designing your remodeling project requires a great deal of effort on both you and your designer. When you choose Gordy Oliva Remodeling as your designer, we can keep the design of your project in line with the budgetary restraints that govern decision making.

Design/Build Services

In the home remodeling industry, spending money is never difficult. The challenge arises in getting the maximum usage of your investment dollar in home improvements. In order to develop a plan and a budget for a project, it is vital that all the decisions and specifications be determined. At Gordy Oliva Remodeling we will work with you hand in hand to fine tune your project, determine the specifications, provide architectural designs and GUARANTEED COSTS specifically to meet all your objectives. Once this process is completed, we can then provide you with a fully developed Scope of Work and GUARANTEED COSTS to achieve these goals.

The costs for fully developing a project will vary depending on the project itself. This retainer will be fully applied and to the cost of the project once it’s started.

Design Services

Some of our clients choose to complete the actual work themselves but need our experience and assistance in the design process only. We consult with homeowners to help them create a project based on their specific needs. Whether you’re needing help with floor plans, material selections, architectural drawings or any other aspect, our flexible services can provide you with information so that you may build the project yourself. We start each design project with a thorough exploration of your requirements for your home. This exploration begins the process of getting to know our clients; after all, the better we know you, the better the fit will be between your lifestyle and the remodeling project we design with you.

If you are looking for a Detroit Metro remodeling contractor that is dedicated to making your home beautiful and in a professional manner, please contact us.